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When to Replace Water Heater

Wondering When to Replace Water Heater? Ask ClimateCare for an Evaluation! Your water heater may get more work than any other home appliance. If it goes on the blink, it’s […]

What is a heat pump and how does it work?

How Does a Heat Pump Work? What is a heat pump? How does it work? And what can it do to make your Ontario home energy-efficient and comfortable year round? Learning […]

Why Tankless Water Heaters Are Good For Your Home

Straight Talk – Why Tankless Water Heaters are Good for Your Home The problem with traditional water heaters is they spend a lot of energy just keeping water hot so […]

Why is my Gas Furnace Leaking Water

Why Is My Gas Furnace Leaking Water? You May Have Clogged Drains or Tubing High efficiency gas furnaces produce condensation as a normal part of their operation. What’s not normal […]

Why Humidify Your Home

Why Humidify Your Home This Winter? The Ontario winters are usually much drier than the hot and muggy summers. With your heating system on for the duration of the winter, the […]

Why Does My Furnace Make a Loud Noise

Frustrated? Asking Yourself, “Why Does My Furnace Make a Loud Noise?” Get an Inspection Today! Are loud furnace noises keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep? If so, it’s […]

Why is my Furnace Filter Black

Stop Asking “Why is My Furnace Filter Black.” Get to the Bottom of It! A black furnace filter is a red flag that something could be seriously wrong with your […]

Why Clean Air Ducts?

Why Clean Air Ducts are Better for Your Home and Your Health The air ducts in your home are constantly breathing air in and out, just like the lungs in […]

Why Does My AC Smell

Asking “Why Does My AC Smell?” – It’s Time for an HVAC Inspection! There’s nothing like the feel of cool air from your home air conditioning on a hot summer […]

Help, My Furnace Is Leaking Water When The AC Is Running!

The thought of having your furnace leak water while the air conditioner is running is terrifying. While this sounds like a serious problem with your furnace, most of the time it’s […]