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How Do Ductless Air Conditioners Work? Test Your Knowledge


Ductless AC System

Are you wondering how ductless air conditioners work, or why they’re a popular alternative for homeowners? As real estate costs continue to rise, many homes are becoming smaller. Ductless air conditioners are a great solution to keep homeowners comfortable while saving space with less ductwork within the home. And, many who have no ductwork at all are choosing ductless air conditioners because they are a quiet and energy efficient alternative to window or room air conditioners.  

Common Questions and Answers about Ductless AC Systems   

Here are some of the biggest questions regarding ductless air conditioner systems. How much do you know? We’ve got the answers you need to stay informed. 

Question #1What is a Ductless Air Conditioner? 

A ductless air conditioner can be both a heating and cooling system that is made up of an outdoor heat pump and indoor air handling units, which can be mounted to the wall or ceiling of your home. Various areas of your home can be equipped with one of these air handling units. 

Or, it can be simply an air conditioner for cooling. Those who heat with electric baseboard units or electric radiant heat in particular benefit a great deal by selecting the heat pump alternative with the significant savings they realize on their electricity bills. 

The heating or cooling of those areas are then controlled by the unit to produce the desired amount of hot or cold air needed to remain comfortable. The control of these units is done by a remote that comes with it, or you can get an app on your smartphone for convenience on the go 

Ductless Air Conditioner Repair

Question #2How Does Ductless A/C Work? 

The outdoor unit works the same as a standard AC unit does; bringing in warm air to transform into cool air. A component known as a line set connects from your outdoor unit to your indoor air handling units.  

When the system is installed, a tiny hole (usually 2-3 inches wide), is cut through your exterior wall. The line runs through the hole and contains electrical wiring and copper tubing. It can also be easily covered or designed to fit in with any home’s décor to remain visually appealing. 1 

Question #3What are the Benefits of Using a Ductless AC Unit? 

Besides taking up less space in your home and not needing vents, these systems offer a variety of benefits to homeowners, including: 

  •  Better energy efficiency than standard AC units
  • Reduced energy bills due to less energy being used
  • A lowered carbon footprint
  • Greater control of different temperatures in various areas of your home, which meaneveryone remains comfortable 
  • Quiet operation
  • Simple installation and less maintenance than traditional units
  • Improved air quality

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