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Struggling with hard water?

CLARITY by ClimateCare can help you save on costs – and you own your unit from day one!

With units starting at $26.95/MONTH, enjoy silkier hair, smoother skin, cleaner dishes, more efficient house cleaning and more!

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Combat hard water by installing a CLARITY by ClimateCare water softener

While it’s not dangerous, hard water can be a major inconvenience you’d rather live without.

This is because hard water contains minerals including calcium, magnesium, and iron which can take a toll on skin, hair, dishes, clothing, and even your plumbing appliances. Luckily, you can combat hard water by installing a water softener. You can count on your certified ClimateCare dealer to provide affordable, hassle-free water softening solutions that meet your needs. Our premium water softeners remove clear water iron and softens water without wasting a single drop and only uses less than three dollars a year in electricity.

What to Expect

With a CLARITY by ClimateCare subscription, you own your unit from day one, and your monthly spend goes towards maintenance and repair services. Some of the advantages of the CLARITY program include:
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Worry-Free Payment

Low payments, once a month = peace of mind for you!

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One Stop Shop

We have all of your indoor comfort needs covered in one place!

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12 Years Parts & Labour

12 years of parts, labour and service all included in the cost of ownership.

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No Money Down

No down payment required for installation – that’s hassle-free service.

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Trusted Professionals

Work with local professionals that have your best interests in mind.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If there’s ever any issue with your service, we promise to make it right.

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Why Work with Us?

Put your mind at ease working with a reliable team that’s been providing homeowners with water softener subscriptions for many years and has earned a solid reputation.


Our local experts are always happy to answer any questions you may have!


Unlike some companies that like to upsell on unnecessary products, our professionals only recommend services you need.


We never cut corners! You can rest easy knowing that our work is always done safely and to code.

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Bundle and Save

Enjoy total home comfort for less – ask about bundling your water softener with a water heater, furnace or air conditioner and save big.

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Bundle home comfort products like air conditioner, furnace or water heater and save more

Water Softener Benefits

Is hard water wrecking your skin, causing spots on your glassware, and making your white clothing a little less white? Smoother skin, cleaner dishes, and brighter white clothes are just some of the benefits of installing a water softener. CLARITY by ClimateCare’s premium water softeners remove the calcium, magnesium, and iron that is wreaking havoc on your skin, clothing and appliances.

Program in seconds, add water softening salt and relax.
Uses 80% less salt than traditional models and costs under three dollars per year in electricity.
Compact size requires just 17 gallons of water per regeneration.
Comprehensive 12-year parts and labour warranty for your peace of mind.

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A water softener can alleviate your hard water woes

Want silkier hair, smoother skin, and less time spent cleaning the house? Take advantage of CLARITY by ClimateCare and start saving today!

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