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Peace of Mind

CLARITY by ClimateCare can help you save on costs – and you own your unit from day one!

When you choose Peace of Mind with CLARITY by ClimateCare, you own your unit from the day it’s installed. You will also receive a 12-year parts and labour warranty as well as regularly scheduled maintenance throughout your contract period.

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5 Reasons to Have Peace of Mind with CLARITY

Pay less monthly and get peace of mind

Our monthly cost of ownership is competitive and could be less than a rental. If you choose a CLARITY Peace of Mind Subscription and bundle your monthly cost with another home comfort product, you will save even more. We put the extra money in your pocket, not theirs.

More Efficiency = More Savings

CLARITY air conditioners, furnaces and water heaters take less energy and money to operate. For even greater savings and ease of use, we also include a smart thermostat at no extra charge when you choose a Peace of Mind Furnace.
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Owning is safer

Our regularly scheduled maintenance is what makes the difference. We’ll check the gas line for dangerous leaks and perform other crucial inspections. Safety for your home and family could be the most important benefit of owning with CLARITY.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Un-maintained equipment runs the risk of having more costly future problems. Our regularly scheduled precision tune-ups ensures safety and efficiency and extends appliance life. You’ll be amazed by what we do —and what the other guys don’t.

What about the big box stores?

While you can buy home comfort products in a big box store, with CLARITY you’re buying Peace of Mind with a local trusted home comfort expert. There are no large upfront costs and you pay a low consistent monthly payment. Your installation will be flawless and safe and a trusted relationship will begin with our local neighbourhood approach.

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Own your unit and get Peace of Mind

The best of the best air conditioners, furnaces and water heaters from Clarity by ClimateCare at an unbeatable monthly cost of ownership price, all covered by CLARITY’s regularly scheduled maintenance

Contact a CLARITY authorized dealer to find out how you can save on your new unit and start enjoying better indoor comfort today.

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