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We all love to stay warm in the wintertime. One concern that you may have as a homeowner when cranking up the heat to get away from the cold: just how wasteful am I being for the sake of my own comfort? Central boilers from ClimateCare reduce these concerns by helping you stay warm indoors in a more efficient manner, and are designed to ensure you get the most out of your home heating system without any waste.

Helping You Save Both Heat and Energy

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Central boilers – or house boilers – work differently from traditional heating systems due to the manner in which they are vented. With a “classic” mid-efficiency gas furnace, by-products like water vapour and carbon dioxide are vented through a chimney, which comes with an unfortunate side effect: a good amount of heat gets out of the house that way, too, whether or not the furnace is off. That means you’re not making the most of your heating product, and both warmth and money are going to waste.

How Central Boilers Heat Your Home

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Central boilers take a two-fold approach to keeping you toasty throughout the wet, windy and snowy months of winter:
  • First, they reduce the amount of heated air that escapes during both the on and off cycles of the furnace, which also helps increase energy efficiency.
  • Second, they extract more of the heat that’s contained in the combustion by-products before they’re vented, providing you with maximum coverage and keeping you comfortable without the worry of wastefulness.

The bottom line: it’s a win-win situation from winter’s start to finish.

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