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Essential Gas Fireplace Safety Tips

Gas fireplaces provide homes with a beautiful ambiance, and the comfort of their warmth is simply unmatched in the dead of winter. With the flip of a switch, gas fireplaces […]

A Complete Guide to Modulating Furnaces

Are you often too hot or too cold at home? Several factors influence a home’s indoor temperature, such as outdoor air temperature, humidity, and sunlight exposure. The truth is that […]

How To Reduce Your Utility Bills In A Recession

Do you know how to find out if you’re wasting money on your utility bills? Check if your heating and cooling are working well. Many HVAC systems in homes, unless […]

The Ultimate Guide to Single Stage Furnaces

If you’re here, your furnace is probably broken 😡 And you think you need a new one. But how do you choose? Listen, we know that choosing and changing to […]

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Two-Stage Furnaces

A gas furnace is a significant purchase and a 12–15-year investment at that. Making it crucial to explore all your options. ClimateCare ensures you choose the model best suited for […]

5 Common Signs of HVAC Ductwork Problems

Imagine your HVAC system’s heart is your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump. Your ducts are then like the veins and arteries that carry the cozy air in and out […]

Your HVAC Stopped Working? 9/10 Times Rebooting Your HVAC System Will Solve Your Problem

As the cooler weather approaches here in Ontario (and we all know it’s ever present in Canada!), everyone starts running their HVAC systems again. But here’s the thing about all […]

Get Savvy About Carbon Tax (And How To Access A 5K Grant)

In 2015, the Federal Government of Canada put a price on carbon dioxide emissions to create an incentive to use less energy. We, as homeowners, are taxed on our usage […]

How To Choose a New Furnace (Advice from HVAC Professionals)

When it comes to upgrading equipment of any type, we wouldn’t blame you if you are not looking forward to it at all! First there’s pain tax. Nobody likes to […]

How to Improve Your Home Comfort in a Hybrid Work Environment

Home comfort has become a priority to many homeowners as we head into another hybrid working year. Many of us will spend half or more of our working days at […]