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How To Choose a New Furnace (Advice from HVAC Professionals)

When it comes to upgrading equipment of any type, we wouldn’t blame you if you are not looking forward to it at all! First there’s pain tax. Nobody likes to […]

How to Improve Your Home Comfort in a Hybrid Work Environment

Home comfort has become a priority to many homeowners as we head into another hybrid working year. Many of us will spend half or more of our working days at […]

Reasons Why Your AC is Dripping Water & How to Fix It

Many homeowners grapple with how to fix an AC that is dripping water. This unsettling experience can cause messy puddles indoors or costly repairs if left unattended. Reaching out to […]

Why Your Ductwork is Making Noise & How to Stop It 

Why are your HVAC ducts making noise? This kind of noise can be very disruptive because the ducts run throughout the home. You may feel like it follows you everywhere […]

Why Does the Placement of Your Thermostat Matter?

Do your energy bills keep rising? Among other reasons, your heating and cooling system could be playing a role. Before calling in the experts, start by checking that your thermostat is in […]

5 Ways to Cool Down a Room Without Windows

If your home has a room without windows, chances are it gets pretty stuffy and warm. It can be hard to know how to air condition a room without windows. […]

How to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution If You Live in The City

Most of us are aware the air we breathe outside can be filled with pollutants. However, what you might not realize is that the air pollution found indoors is actually […]

Best Heating Systems for Your Ontario Cottage

Cottaging in Ontario can be joyful, even in our coldest months, as long as you have a reliable and efficient heating system. There are many cabin heating solutions out there, […]

HVAC Industry Trends for 2022

The HVAC industry continues to grow, with more people working in the industry and more demand for their services. As the industry continues to grow, consumers want new things from […]


As we spend more time indoors with the cooler weather coming, there are a few things you can do to ramp up your filtration in the home. VOCs (Volatile Organic […]