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Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Guide for Common Issues

HVAC mechanic checking AC with digital tablet

Air conditioners are one of the most integral parts of a home once the summer hits, which makes having an air conditioning troubleshooting guide so important. An AC unit can last for a number of years if it’s properly taken care of, but sometimes unexpected issues arise that may be difficult to diagnose.

Spotting an issue and being able to take action to fix it is vital to preserving the lifespan of your AC. It also saves you time, energy and money, while also reducing the chances of needing to replace the unit.

Here are some common air conditioner issues and suggested solutions to help keep you cool all summer long.

4 Common Air Conditioning Issues: Troubleshooting Guide

Issue 1: No cool air

Solution: Generally, this is due to a lack of airflow. Make sure you have a clean filter in the unit to allow adequate cool air to blow through. If the filter has been replaced and you’re still having issues, contact ClimateCare to get further help sourcing the issue.

Issue 2: Strange noises

Solution: Different noises can mean a variety of things. A banging noise can indicate a loose or broken part or that a part is out of balance. A clicking noise can be a sign of electrical issues. Any strange noise, such as humming, buzzing or rattling, should be checked out by a technician.

Issue 3: Leaks

Solution: This problem should be dealt with sooner than later by a trained technician. Leaks can lead to bigger, more costly problems and can be harmful to you, your family and the environment. Try to prevent the spread of leaks as best you can by laying down towels in the affected area until your technician arrives.

Issue 4: Automatic mode not working

Solution: Start by looking at your thermostat, as it may need new batteries. Old batteries can sometimes cause erratic operation. If that’s not the problem, it may be a relay or control board malfunction or an electrical issue. Have it inspected by a technician.

Let Your Air Conditioning Problems Melt Away with ClimateCare

Help your family and friends stay cool all summer long by keeping your AC in great working order. If you have any questions related to this air conditioning troubleshooting guide or any other air conditioner inquiries, contact the dedicated professionals at ClimateCare.