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Fireplaces are a classic addition to any home, regardless of its size or age. By utilizing either natural gas or propane, it offers an effective, relaxing method of helping you stay cozy while the wind roars and the snow falls. Gas fireplaces don’t even require natural gas or a chimney to work, as you can use propane as a fuel supplement or have a direct vent gas fireplace installed and still take advantage of its benefits.

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When you choose a gas fireplace to heat your home, you’re looking at more than just a beautiful addition to whichever room you choose to add it to: you’re also looking at a comfortable, convenient and efficient method of keeping out of the cold all winter long.

If you’re considering a gas fireplace insert as a method of heating your home this winter, ClimateCare can help you with everything from common questions to installation to long-term service and repairs. Just make sure you have a carbon monoxide alarm plugged in and tested from time to time. It’s an important safety measure in any home with a gas fireplace.

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We also offer a range of maintenance and protection plans to further provide you with the best options for your staying warm all winter long.

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