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One Payment. Zero Worries.

Get the peace of mind you deserve with our all-inclusive furnace subscriptions. No money down & low monthly payments that include everything.

What’s Included in the Furnace Maintenance Plan?

Save yourself time and money knowing that your gas or electric furnace is getting the best seasonal maintenance possible by professional technicians. While regular furnace cleaning and maintenance helps to prevent problems, it also keeps your furnace operating efficiently. An efficient furnace reduces energy waste and means lower utility bills.

When a local ClimateCare expert visits your home for a service visit or furnace maintenance, they will do all of the following:
Furnace Filter Clean or replace furnace air filter
Furnace Components Clean furnace components, including blower assembly, fans, pulleys and belts
Electricals Check electrical connections and wires
Pipe Fittings Check pipe fittings and gas supply line
Heat Exchanger Check heat exchanger for cracks or corrosion
System Inspection Perform a complete system inspection
Maintenance Checklist All in all a 26 point furnace maintenance checklist is performed
Discounts if Repairs Plus a discount off regular labour rates if repairs are ever required

Most of us don’t have the time or know how to do all of this properly

Turn over the care of your heating system to someone who does. Service from ClimateCare technicians can extend the lifespan of your furnace and related HVAC equipment.

Covered by WeCare Protection Plans

Take away the worry of your furnace breaking down during the cold Ontario winter with a WeCare Maintenance or Protection Plan. Your local ClimateCare has plans that provide furnace cleaning, maintenance and repair. Though regular cleaning and service reduce the chances of something going wrong, professional technicians will respond promptly in the event that repair is needed. WeCare HVAC system maintenance or protection plans can be combined to cover all of your HVAC equipment or, if you prefer, just your furnace.

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Standard Coverage from a WeCare HVAC System Protection Plus Plan

furnace maintenance

Protection for your furnace includes all of the characteristics of a WeCare Maintenance Plan, plus:

  • Standard parts and labour if repairs are required
  • After-hours service at no additional cost
  • Licensed professional technicians
  • Priority appointments
  • 20% off of repairs
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Here are the top 3 concerns and solutions
ClimateCare specialist

Contact your local ClimateCare

Contact your local ClimateCare to find out about the right furnace maintenance plan for you and your home. As a locally owned business, your local ClimateCare cares about the community and does all they can to produce 100% satisfied customers. That’s how their business is built, and it means you’ll be comfortable all winter with a clean and efficient furnace keeping you warm.

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