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If your home heating system uses a boiler, make sure it stays working all through the Ontario winter with a WeCare Maintenance Plan.

Gas boilers often need more ongoing maintenance than other sources of heat, and your local ClimateCare member has the best plan to provide boiler cleaning, maintenance and repair. Condensing boilers are very efficient units, but like all HVAC equipment, they need seasonal care and attention to operate efficiently. If your system breaks down, professional technicians will respond promptly to fix and repair whatever goes wrong. Boiler service at reduced rates is offered as part of your WeCare HVAC system Maintenance plan.

Complete Coverage with a WeCare Maintenance Plan

Take away the hassle of regular boiler maintenance and let qualified service technicians from your local ClimateCare member take care of it. When your heating and cooling system operates efficiently, it reduces energy waste and lowers your utility bills. Regular, seasonal maintenance is the best way to make this happen.

Your local ClimateCare member will take care of the following boiler maintenance tasks:
Filter Replace or clean filters
Vents & Flues Inspect and clean vents and flues
Plumbing Check plumbing and water level
De-scale De-scale and flush water system
Lubrication Clean / lubricate mechanical system, fans & pumps
System Inspection Complete system inspection
Maintenance Checklist All in all a 26 point boiler maintenance checklist is performed
Discounts Plus a discount off regular labour rates if repairs are ever required

It’s rare that a homeowner has the time and experience to do all of this properly.

Turn over the care of your boiler and heating system to someone who can do it right. You will rest easy knowing a service expert is making sure your boiler and heating system are working properly.

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They have heating and boiler service plans to meet all home heating and cooling needs. As a locally owned business that is part of a large cooperative network, your local ClimateCare has the knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive service and protection. Stay comfortable all winter with a clean and efficient boiler and heating system keeping you and your family warm.

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