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Why pay monthly for a unit that isn’t yours to keep?

When you take advantage of CLARITY by ClimateCare, you own your unit from day one! With traditional tank units starting at $22.95/MONTH and energy-saving tankless units starting at $19.95/MONTH, we can help you find the right unit to fit your needs!

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Smart way to buy a Water heater

As a homeowner, you want to do the best and most cost-effective thing for your home. When it comes to heating your home’s water supply, most Ontarians choose rental as the more “affordable” option. While it is often cheaper in the short run, the cost is higher over time. On the other hand, buying a water heater outright doesn’t seem like a much more affordable option given the fact that repairs, parts, and labour can quickly add up. The only other choice you’re left with is a rent to own hot water heater, but the pricing can be tricky and unclear leaving you in the dark about what you’re really paying.

What many homeowners don’t realize is that there’s another, better option – CLARITY by ClimateCare’s water heater subscription program

CLARITY by ClimateCare’s water heater subscription program

It’s clearly better than a rental or rent to own hot water unit! One low monthly rate includes all maintenance and repairs so you never have to worry about an unexpected repair bill. Best of all, the hot water tank is yours from day one of installation. Unlike a rental, payments do end and you can pay off the balance anytime without any interest penalties. Contact your local CLARITY by ClimateCare dealer to discuss details – they’ll be happy to help you weigh your options and determine whether a CLARITY water heater is right for you.

The hot water tank is yours from day one of installation

Unlike a rental, you can pay off the balance anytime without any interest penalties

One low monthly rate, never worry about unexpected repair bill

All maintenance and repairs are included in the subscriptions

The Clarity Advantage

At CLARITY by ClimateCare, we have always been committed to providing quality service at the best price. With a CLARITY by ClimateCare water heater subscription, our customers enjoy all of these benefits and more:

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Clear Pricing

Payments don’t increase annually and do not continue forever. Once it’s paid, it’s paid.

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Zero Money Down

No down payment is required for installation. That’s hassle-free service.

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Pay Off with No Penalties

Unlike some rent to own companies, there are no penalties if you decide to pay off your water heater at any time.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not happy with your service, neither are we and we will not rest until the issue is resolved.

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Routine Maintenance

Owning a water heater is easy with us – we include all routine maintenance in your low monthly rate.

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Personal Attention

Working with local CLARITY ClimateCare dealers ensures you get personalized service tailored to you.

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Working with Us Is Easy

Rest easy knowing that you’re working with a dependable team of experts who are here for you when you need us. Certified ClimateCare dealers have years of experience and are trained in the latest technology and tools to ensure you receive the best, safest service possible.


Not sure whether a tank or tankless model is best for your home? Our technicians can recommend the right option to suit your hot water needs and budget.


We respect you and your time and won’t keep you waiting. When you call, we respond and get you back to your routine as quickly as possible.

Quality Materials & Workmanship

While some companies cut corners using lesser quality parts and undertrained techs, we only hire the best and use high-quality materials.

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Bundle and Save

Want total home comfort for less? Bundle your new hot water tank with a water softener, furnace or air conditioner and save!

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Bundle home comfort products like air conditioner, furnace or water softener and save more

Should You Rent or Buy Your Water Heater?

While most Ontarians rent their water heaters, is it really the most affordable option? In the short term, yes. But in the long run, it ends up costing more in monthly fees and you never get to own it – plus, it’s a little harder than you think to get out of a rental! Because of this, many people opt instead for renting to own, but often times pricing is vague. The other option is purchasing a new water heater at the ticket price. But that gets very expensive when you factor in upfront cost, not to mention repair bills, parts and labour the water heater will need over the course of its life.

Luckily, there’s another option. It is the CLARITY by ClimateCare water heater subscription program.

Here are just some of the reasons your neighbours are choosing the smart and affordable way to purchase a hot water tank:

Unlike rentals, you own the unit from day one
While rent to own units can have dubious pricing, you know what you’re paying month to month with CLARITY.
Buying a water heater can be expensive after factoring in the cost of repair parts and labour. With CLARITY, it’s all included in the low monthly cost of ownership.

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Why rent your hot water unit when you can own?

Take advantage of CLARITY by ClimateCare and start saving today!

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