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You can own your unit from day one! Read on to see if CLARITY by ClimateCare is the right option for you!

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Buying a new furnace can be a major upfront investment, but renting one with never ending rental fees certainly doesn’t seem like a better option for most. So what do you do, dole out thousands of dollars for a piece of equipment that may need expensive repairs in a year or so? Or worse, waste money on a rental or get into a rent to own furnace plan with unclear pricing?

You don’t have to do either! Why not install a CLARITY by ClimateCare furnace and enjoy easy, affordable installation that includes routine maintenance AND all repairs at a low monthly price. Plus, if you ever need to replace your furnace, that’s included in our 12-year warranty at no added cost to you! That’s what we call the smarter way to buy a furnace!

Easy and affordable buying with hassle-free installation

Replace your furnace with a 12-year warranty at no added cost to you

Low monthly price compared to other options

Routine maintenance AND all repairs are included in the subscriptions

What To Expect?

CLARITY by ClimateCare delivers peace of mind with each furnace installation and replacement, plus with these benefits, why would you go anywhere else to buy a new furnace?
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No Money Down

We handle all of your heating, cooling, water heater and water softener needs in one place.

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Peace of Mind Payment

Low monthly payment includes everything from scheduled maintenance visits to repairs.

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No Surprises

CLARITY by ClimateCare subscription includes 12 years of parts, labour and service. No unexpected charges ever!

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Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your unit and finds issues before they even become a problem!

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Personal Attention

Our technicians are local experts you can count on. We care about your comfort!

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Local Contractors

You work with a local neighbourhood contractor instead of the impersonal rental companies. This means faster service that’s more responsive to your needs.

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Safety, Efficiency and Years of Reliability

CLARITY by ClimateCare exclusively installs the best-in-class furnaces built in North America – designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Our state-of-the-art furnaces provide the following benefits and so much more.


Designed with high-performance efficiency to keep your energy bills as low as possible.

Expert Technicians

Installed by highly trained technicians so you can rest assured your furnace will safely run through the winter.

Unbeatable Warranty

Backed by our comprehensive 12-year parts and labour warranty.

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Bundle and Save

Get even more savings on your indoor comfort solutions when you combine your new furnace with an AC, water softener, or water heater.

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Get a FREE Smart Thermostat with most furnace installations
Smart Thermostat

High-Efficiency Furnaces = Lower Costs for You

Our gas furnaces are equipped with state-of-the-art features to give you comfortable, consistent and reliable heat every time. With single or two-stage heating and high-efficiency motors, there’s nothing these self-monitoring and environmentally-friendly furnaces can’t do.

Installing one of these modern, efficient units provides the following benefits:
96.0% AFUE
Built with
Up to 96.0% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating to save you energy
Many of our units are ENERGY STAR® certified to save energy without sacrificing functionality
Backed by superior engineering and quality manufacturing
Insulated blower means quieter and comfortable heat all winter long
Includes award-winning smart thermostat
*some conditions apply

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We are ClimateCare

The largest co-operative of local, independent heating and cooling retail contractors in Ontario, members and growing.

Speak to our local ClimateCare today to see how you can start saving with CLARITY by ClimateCare!

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