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A ventilator air cleaner is an essential item to have in your home in order to keep air from becoming stale.

While it might be difficult to tell what constitutes “stale” air, there are several contaminants and pollutants that build up inside your home, and not taking the proper actions to get rid of them can lead to poor indoor air quality. In fact, the inside of a home is often more polluted than the outside, making it even more essential to ensure the air is kept as clean as possible.

The Two Different Types of Ventilator Air Cleaners

There are two separate kinds of these products: local ventilators and whole-house ventilators. Both have their own way of functioning and ensuring the air in your home is kept fresh.


1. Local ventilators

  • Exhaust locally produced humid air, odours, gases and particles
  • Are ideal for homes with workshops in the garage, basement or anywhere else, or in homes where chemicals are worked with often

An example of a local ventilator is a kitchen range hood or a bathroom exhaust fan.


2. Whole-house ventilators

  • Continuously exhaust a home’s entire volume of stale air
  • Bring in an equal volume of fresh air from outdoors
  • Help control humidity and dilute harmful gases, such as from insulation, press-wood furniture, carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, etc.

These are often sold as heat recovery ventilators or energy recovery ventilators, as they both recover some of the energy you’ve put into the air before it becomes exhausted outside.

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Let ClimateCare Help You Choose the Right Ventilation System for Your Needs

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of proper ventilation for your home, a ClimateCare expert can help you choose the right ventilator air cleaner for your needs.

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