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Why? Because put simply, it lives up to its name: it’s smart.

ecobee thermostat device

If you’re conscious of your energy use and costs, then an ecobee smart thermostat is your new best friend for heating and cooling in the home.

Reduce Energy Use From Anywhere

We know that just as important as staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer is being mindful of just how much energy and money you’re using to do both. Sometimes you may even wonder about it while you’re away from home.
Was the air conditioner on when I left? Did I leave the heat on too high? What’s this going to cost me?

How can an ecobee smart thermostat help you put your mind at ease when you’re asking these questions:
Reduce energy Use It can reduce your energy use up to 26% by decreasing the energy wasted when heating and cooling your home while you’re away
Operate from anywhere It’s WiFi enabled, allowing you to make adjustments to your heating and cooling from anywhere, whether you’re at the office, out to dinner or gone on vacation for a few days
Easy touchscreen The touchscreen thermostat is easy to use, giving you a simple experience when you’re adjusting your climate control
Over 50% of your energy use comes from heating and cooling your home, but an ecobee WiFi thermostat can make a real difference and help you save big on both energy and costs.
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Learn More About Smart Thermostats From a ClimateCare Expert

If you’d like to learn more about the eco-friendly, energy-efficient benefits of the ecobee smart thermostat or other available smart thermostats on the market, talk to a ClimateCare expert today.

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