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Make the Most of Your Home Energy Source

What many homeowners don’t know is that below the earth’s surface, there is energy that can be used to heat and cool your home at an incredibly low operating cost. Geothermal systems have long pipes that extend into the ground to bring up heat from the Earth in winter and take the warm air from your home and expel it into the ground in the summer. Geothermal heating solutions offer effective and efficient ways to stay comfortable in every season.

Benefits of Geothermal Heating Solutions

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Save Money

Compared to the costs of gas, oil, propane and electric furnaces, geothermal heating offers reduced operating costs and may even save you money on home insurance

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Temperature control is available in winter, summer, and all year round for hot water usage in the home

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Better For the Environment

Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by more than two-thirds when using a geothermal solution

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No odours are released with this type of a heating system, making them more ideal for individuals with allergies or sensitivities to noxious gases and poor air quality

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Since the equipment is inside the building, there is much less risk of negative effects from nature, accidents or vandalism, allowing it to have a much longer life

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These systems are non-flammable and have no need to store fuel making them one of the safest heating options on the market

How Geothermal Heating works

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Geothermal systems, also called geothermal heat pumps, work by tapping into the temperature of the earth a few feet below the ground.

How deep exactly depends on the frost line in your area. This is how deep the cold from the surface can extend into the ground on the coldest day. Below the frost line, the Earth is a consistent temperature. This temperature depends on your latitude, but in Ontario, it is usually about 6-11 degrees Celsius and is consistent year-round. During the winter, the system pulls that warmth and pumps that heat into your home, and in the summer, it takes the heat from your home and expels it into the ground, making your home cooler.

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