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Your Guide to the Greener Homes Grant Eligibility Criteria

Women looking at energy efficiency ratings on phone - Your Guide to the Greener Homes Grant Eligibility Criteria

HVAC rebates in 2023 are providing Ontario homeowners with the unique opportunity to upgrade their home’s energy efficiency and secure significant savings. Learn if you are eligible for any HVAC upgrade rebates below.  

Delivery of the Grant 

The harmonization of the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+) and Canada Greener Homes Grant (CGHG) programs ensures Ontarians can reap the benefits of both initiatives through one application. This co-delivery minimizes the load on homeowners and their Energy Advisors, ensuring access to funding is simpler and more accessible.  

Grant Eligibility: Key Points to Note 

To secure funding, specific criteria must be met: 

  1. The homeowner’s property is in Ontario and is their primary residence.  
  2. The use of an NRCan-approved Energy Advisor is mandatory. 
  3. Pre- and post-energy assessments must be conducted. 
  4. At least one qualifying retrofit* must be completed, as recommended by the Registered Energy Advisor  
  5. Before application submission, participants must provide their Registered Energy Advisor with essential documents, including invoices, proof of address, and property tax bill.  

Exclusions apply for newly constructed homes (newer than 6 months), multi-unit residential buildings, and non-Enbridge Gas heated homes. Other specific conditions include: 

  • Properties where upgrade work began before the pre-retrofit energy assessment. 
  • Homes that have maximized their incentives under the HER+ or CGHG programs. 
  • Additional Enbridge rebates necessitate that the homeowner resides or owns the property at the pre-retrofit stage. 

*Eligible HVAC retrofits include:  

  • space heating upgrades (like heat pumps)  
  • water heating upgrades  
  • Smart thermostats (must be paired with another qualifying retrofit to be eligible) 

Upgrade Your Home with ClimateCare 

Transform your home’s energy efficiency with your local ClimateCare today. Our members can help you maximize your savings through available HVAC rebates.  

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