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The Complete Guide to Smart Thermostats 

The arrival of smart thermostats has allowed thousands of homeowners to find savings on their energy bills. Smart thermostats enable internet connectivity so you can connect the system with your […]


Is this your home? You have that one room that’s the farthest from the furnace. Or that room that’s above the garage and the AC just isn’t cooling it properly. […]

What you can do to combat summertime humidity (and when you should call in an expert)

As Glenn Frey sang in his 1984 pop hit, “The heat is on!” And boy, is it ever! You know that old saying, nothing is certain except death and taxes. […]

The Home Guide to Air Duct Inspection

Do you really need an air duct cleaning? You can find out for yourself. There could be dust, debris, or even mold growth inside of your ducts that warrants cleaning […]

Take Control Over that Dreaded Summer Humidity

If there’s one thing we can guarantee about an Ontario spring/summer, it’s that they are humid as heck. And it can make life uncomfortable. It’s the home invader you can’t […]

A 5-point Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your HVAC

First thing’s first. It’s time for a tune-up. Just like your car, you need to clean and maintain your HVAC system to keep it operating efficiently. So while you’re doing […]

Indoor Air Quality 101: Why should I care about it? And what can I do to improve it?

Your home is your base, your comfort zone, and, increasingly, the hub of nearly ALL your activity – where you live, sleep, and often, where you work. This past year […]

How to Ventilate Your Home in the Winter

Ventilating your house in the winter can seem like a fool’s errand. Throwing open a window is just losing your warm air to the wintry outside, right? Keeping a window […]

Symptoms of Dry Air in Your Home and How to Fix It

Many people in Canada are very uncomfortable through the winter and are unaware that the dry air in their homes is a major contributor. The good news is that they […]

Guide to Whole Home Humidifiers 

A whole-home humidifier is one of the lesser-known parts of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)system. They’re attached to the ductwork near your furnace and are often forgotten there. […]