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How to Get That Dreaded Summer Humidity Under Control

If there’s one thing we can guarantee about an Ontario spring and summer, it’s that they are humid as heck. It’s the home invader you can’t see. But boy, can […]

Indoor Air Quality 101: What You Can do to Improve It

Your home is your base, your comfort zone, and, increasingly, the hub of nearly ALL your activity – where you live, sleep, and often, where you work. This past year […]

Banish Indoor Air Pollution: Your Guide to Common Contaminants

Indoor air pollution is a significant concern that often goes unnoticed. The air inside our homes can be more polluted than the air outside, posing potential health risks to ourselves […]

Common Indoor Air Pollutants: 5 Chemicals That Could be in Your Home

Our efficient, airtight homes have led to a slowing of the exchange of air from indoors to out, and because of this, the EPA estimates that indoor air can be […]

Look Out For These 5 Common Signs of HVAC Ductwork Problems

Imagine your HVAC system’s heart is your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump. Your ducts are then like the veins and arteries that carry the air in and out of […]

Why Your Ductwork is Making Noise & How to Stop It 

Why are your HVAC ducts making noise? This kind of noise can be very disruptive because the ducts run throughout the home. You may feel like it follows you everywhere […]

4 Ways to Reduce Indoor Air Contaminants in Your Home

Did you know that your home’s HVAC system can play a part in keeping your family healthy? Indoor air contaminants can easily circulate in your home, which is why you […]

How to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution If You Live in The City

Most of us are aware the air we breathe outside can be filled with pollutants. However, what you might not realize is that the air pollution found indoors is actually […]

What you can do to combat summertime humidity (and when you should call in an expert)

As Glenn Frey sang in his 1984 pop hit, “The heat is on!” And boy, is it ever! You know that old saying, nothing is certain except death and taxes. […]

The Home Guide to Air Duct Inspection

Do you really need an air duct cleaning? You can find out for yourself. There could be dust, debris, or even mold growth inside of your ducts that warrants cleaning […]