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5 Reasons Why ‘Topping Off’ Your AC Can Do More Harm Than Good

Air conditioners are complex systems, with refrigerants playing a starring role in their operation. While it may seem tempting to simply “top off” an AC when it’s underperforming, this practice […]

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Guide for Common Issues

Air conditioners are one of the most integral parts of a home once the summer hits, which makes having an air conditioning troubleshooting guide so important. An AC unit can […]

What Factors Affect the Lifespan of an AC Unit? (Infographic)

There are several different factors that can affect the lifespan of an AC unit. What make and model is it? How often is it being maintained? How many repairs have […]

5 Common Air Conditioner Problems & What to Do About Them

When temperatures rise and days become longer, you want your air conditioner to be working properly. The unfortunate reality is that while air conditioners are a great addition to your […]

Why Most Families Choose Furnace Maintenance Service over Repairs

Your furnace is an essential part of your home heating system; it absolutely has to work when you need it to. The problem with furnaces, though, is they work by […]

3 Major Benefits Of an HVAC Maintenance Plan Explained

It’s getting more and more costly to heat and cool your home. Monthly subscription packages are a way to ensure that the regular HVAC maintenance you need to do gets […]

Look Out For These 5 Common Signs of HVAC Ductwork Problems

Imagine your HVAC system’s heart is your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump. Your ducts are then like the veins and arteries that carry the air in and out of […]

Reasons Why Your AC is Dripping Water & How to Fix It

When an AC is dripping water, many homeowners grapple with how to fix it. This unsettling experience can cause messy puddles indoors or costly repairs if left unattended. Reaching out […]

Why Your Ductwork is Making Noise & How to Stop It 

Why are your HVAC ducts making noise? This kind of noise can be very disruptive because the ducts run throughout the home. You may feel like it follows you everywhere […]

4 Ways to Reduce Indoor Air Contaminants in Your Home

Did you know that your home’s HVAC system can play a part in keeping your family healthy? Indoor air contaminants can easily circulate in your home, which is why you […]