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5 Common Signs of HVAC Ductwork Problems

Imagine your HVAC system’s heart is your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump. Your ducts are then like the veins and arteries that carry the cozy air in and out […]

Your HVAC Stopped Working? 9/10 Times Rebooting Your HVAC System Will Solve Your Problem

As the cooler weather approaches here in Ontario (and we all know it’s ever present in Canada!), everyone starts running their HVAC systems again. But here’s the thing about all […]

Reasons Why Your AC is Dripping Water & How to Fix It

Many homeowners grapple with how to fix an AC that is dripping water. This unsettling experience can cause messy puddles indoors or costly repairs if left unattended. Reaching out to […]

Why Your Ductwork is Making Noise & How to Stop It 

Why are your HVAC ducts making noise? This kind of noise can be very disruptive because the ducts run throughout the home. You may feel like it follows you everywhere […]

3 Major Benefits Of An HVAC Maintenance Plan

It’s getting more and more costly to heat and cool your home. Monthly subscription packages are a way to ensure that the regular HVAC maintenance you need to do gets […]


Your AC is going to be resting for six to seven months. Here’s some key things you can do to make sure it’s in the best possible position: CLEAR DEBRIS […]

A 5-point Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your HVAC

First thing’s first. It’s time for a tune-up. Just like your car, you need to clean and maintain your HVAC system to keep it operating efficiently. So while you’re doing […]

Symptoms of Dry Air in Your Home and How to Fix It

Many people in Canada are very uncomfortable through the winter and are unaware that the dry air in their homes is a major contributor. The good news is that they […]

How to Reduce Contaminants in Your Home

Life as we know it in Ontario, and the world for that matter, has certainly changed drastically in the last few weeks.  Other than doing our part, like all Canadian […]

How to Clean A Heat Pump

Heat pumps are great appliances that help make heating and cooling your home much more efficient. However, if they are not cleaned and maintained regularly, they slowly lose their efficiency. […]