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5 Common Air Conditioner Problems & What to Do About Them

When temperatures rise and days become longer, you want your air conditioner to be working properly. The unfortunate reality is that while air conditioners are a great addition to your home, they can also develop problems. Here are some of the most common air conditioner problems and how you can take action.

5 Common Air Conditioner Problems (With Solutions)

5 Common Air Conditioner Problems with explanations and solutions






In order to keep your home cool this summer and avoid bigger issues with your AC, please make sure to schedule regular air conditioner maintenance.

1. Air Conditioner Always Running

If you’re AC is always running, even when it’s reached the set temperature, then there may be an issue with the size of the unit, the filter, improper installation or something electrical.

Solution: Check your filter and clean/replace it if it is dirty. If this doesn’t solve the problem, call an HVAC technician to assess your unit.

2. AC Not Cooling

If your space is never cooling down enough to reach the set temperature, you could have a thermostat issue.

Solution: Check the batteries of your thermostat. If changing them doesn’t work, call a professional.

3. AC Compressor Not Turning On

Any issue with your AC compressor will result in a lack of cooling action.

Solution: Shut off your unit and call an HVAC professional to inspect it.

4. Cool Air Leaking From Your Home

Does your AC feel like it’s blowing ice-cold air, but it just doesn’t seem to stay in the house? You likely have an insulation issue, or you’re leaving doors and windows open unknowingly.

Solution: Check that your windows and doors or properly shut. Then check if there are any gaps in the weather stripping. If you can’t find an obvious source of the leak, book an air-tightness assessment for your home.

5. Wrong-Sized AC Unit 

There are certain sizes of units designed for specific square footages. If you have an AC unit that is too small, it may never sufficiently cool your home. If it’s too large, you’ll be paying more in energy bills than you need to.

Solution: Check the specs on your AC unit and have a professional HVAC technician assess your home’s needs.

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