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5 Reasons Why ‘Topping Off’ Your AC Can Do More Harm Than Good

AC Unit surrounded by greenery - 5 Reasons Why 'Topping Off' Your AC Can Do More Harm Than Good

Air conditioners are complex systems, with refrigerants playing a starring role in their operation. While it may seem tempting to simply “top off” an AC when it’s underperforming, this practice can lead to significant problems. Let’s delve into why this seemingly simple solution can be detrimental. 

1. Hiding Underlying Issues 

Topping off refrigerants can mask bigger problems. By merely adding more refrigerant, you might be overlooking potential leaks, which can lead to greater complications in the future. 

2. System Imbalance 

An overcharged AC doesn’t just cool better; it disrupts the system’s equilibrium. Overcharging forces the system to work harder, potentially harming the compressor, one of the most expensive components to replace. 

3. Environmental Concerns 

Releasing excess refrigerants, especially from older units, can damage the environment. Many older refrigerants have ozone-depleting or greenhouse gas properties, making unauthorized releases not only harmful but often illegal. 

4. Risk of Equipment Damage 

Incorrectly handling refrigerants can lead to damage to your AC system. Overfilling can cause pressure changes, damaging seals, and leading to leaks. 

5. Health and Safety Hazards 

Handling refrigerants without proper training can expose you to health risks. Additionally, it’s essential to know the environmental and safety regulations to avoid potential legal implications. 

Reach out to a Professional Today 

Ensuring your AC system’s longevity and efficiency is more than just addressing the refrigerant levels. It’s about understanding the system and taking the right steps at the right time. 

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