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Do you have uneven air flow? Then, you might need supplementary HVAC units to improve this. Some layouts just don’t have the ideal layout for their central unit. With ductless systems, this can be mitigated. Let’s explain.

Is this your home?

  • You have that one room that’s the farthest from the furnace.
  • Or that room that’s above the garage and the AC just isn’t cooling it properly.
  • Or the occupants of the primary bedroom prefer different nighttime sleeping temperatures than everyone else in the residence (yes, ductless split systems have saved many a marriage).

Then you might want to consider installing a ductless split system (also called mini splits).

What is a ductless split system?

In its most basic form, a ductless split system consists of one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units, connected by tubing (and HVAC magic) with the inside units mounted on a wall. This allows you to boost or control the temperature in a particular room. They can also help reduce humidity and have a filter to further reduce indoor air pollutants.

One of the main advantages of installing a ductless system is that you don’t need to install ductwork!

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ClimateCare is a network of HVAC professionals across Ontario that have the solutions you’re looking for. We know how to optimize a heating and cooling system that works with your home the way it is so you can optimize costs and disruptions to your routine. Our experts will work with you to find a plan that your whole family can get behind. No matter your needs, we can solve issues with ease.

If you’re having room temperature control issues, uneven air flow or have an area of the house you want to give some special attention to, let’s chat about ductless splits.

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