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Do I Need a Permit to Have an AC Unit Installed?

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With warmer weather on the way, people’s attention will soon be turning to how they can keep themselves cool inside rather than on keeping the house warm. If you are in a position where you need to change your current AC system or add a new one, it’s a good idea to start the planning process now. 

One thing that many homeowners are unsure of when adding a new air conditioning unit is whether they need a permit or not. The short answer to this question is yes. What permits are required however, is dependent on a few things including your location and the scope of work being done.  

Who Needs a Permit? 

A permit may be required to install or modify heating, plumbing and fireplaces in the province of Ontario. Each city or town has its own bylaws and guidelines, and what is required in one area may not be required in another.  

For example, in Mississauga, a permit is required to install or repair HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems; in London, a permit is not required for existing forced air systems and in Halton Hills, a permit is only required if the installation is in any building other than a house. An electrical permit is required by the Electrical Safety Authority for all new or replacement central air conditioning installations in Ontario. 

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Who is Responsible for Obtaining the Necessary Permits? 

The good news is, if you hire a reputable, licensed contractor to do the installation, they will know the requirements of the municipality in which you live and will take out the necessary permits for the workThe homeowner is ultimately responsible for the required permits and will be contacted by the municipality if they discover that a required permit has not been sought. However, it is the HVAC contractor that is responsible to take out the electrical permit required by the Electrical Safety Authority. 

Ensure the HVAC professional that you select knows the permit requirements for your municipality and for the specific job being done. Most competent contractors will obtain these permits on your behalf since they know who to contact and the process to be followed.  

Keeping Your AC Well Maintained 

One way that you can prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning system is to have regular maintenance performed. At ClimateCare, we offer the WeCARE HVAC Maintenance Plan that consists of an annual 22-point AC precision tune up, to ensure your system runs smoothly during the summer and doesn’t age prematurely. 

Your local ClimateCare are trusted HVAC professionals working in your community and will ensure that your AC installation is a breeze and take care of all these details for you. 

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