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Reasons Why Your AC is Dripping Water & How to Fix It

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When an AC is dripping water, many homeowners grapple with how to fix it. This unsettling experience can cause messy puddles indoors or costly repairs if left unattended. Reaching out to a seasoned HVAC technician can ease your worries and prevent any serious issues.  

If you have an AC unit that is leaking water, you need to identify what causes the leak before finding lasting solutions.   

How Does My AC Work?   

First, you need to understand that your AC transfers heat outside. The AC features a filtered return vent that blows humid indoor air over an evaporator coil that absorbs heat and blows back cool air into your living areas through the ducts. Hot gas from this coil moves to the compressor and the condenser, which discharges heat outside. The refrigerant moves back to the evaporator to absorb warm indoor air, continuing the cycle.   

The moisture from the hot air drips into the drain pan before leaving your house. Essentially, after every air conditioning cycle, water leaves the drain pan. Then, how can you tell when your air conditioner is faulty?   

Why is My AC Leaking so Much Water?   

Whenever you notice water coming from your AC, the chances are that you have a broken air conditioner. You might also smell mold or see a puddle around your basement. Here are common reasons that cause your AC to leak.   

A Damaged Drain Pan

Drain pans comprise galvanized steel, stainless steel, or polymers. If these parts get damaged or rusted, the water might drain elsewhere. Trying to seal the pan only offers a temporary solution. Working with an HVAC specialist like ClimateCare will help fix this issue once and for all.   

Failed Condensate Pump

If your air conditioner is below ground, the system will need a condensate pump to drain the water outside. The pump’s tank is prone to cracking due to long-term usage. If the pump fails, it might cause your air conditioner to leak water.   

Frozen Coil

Refrigerant leaks and reduced airflow can cause freezing on your evaporator coil. Over time, melting ice can overwhelm the drain pan, causing water to begin leaking.   

Clogged Drain Lines

Poor-quality air filters can let dirt and debris into your AC system. Once these particles accumulate, they might clog the line and flood the drain. Water build-up will eventually loosen the pan’s line and cause your AC to leak.     

Are you experiencing problems with your air conditioner? Reach out to your local ClimateCare and they would be happy to assess and fix the issue.

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AC Leaking Solutions   

Is your central air conditioner leaking water? Here’s how to fix an AC that is dripping water. First, ensure that you turn off the air conditioner to prevent more water damage. Next, you’d want to clean up the water leak. Depending on the cause of the AC leak, you may need to call in the professionals to fix the issue.   

For a frozen coil you will need to clean the water periodically when the ice melts off the coil. You could also turn on your fan to defrost the evaporator coil or change your air filters more regularly to prevent clogging.   

Work with Professional HVAC Specialists   

If your AC system keeps leaking, don’t hesitate to reach out to our HVAC specialists. Our expert team can assess your air conditioner and offer customized solutions to ease pressure on your AC system. We can help you schedule regular maintenance to keep your AC system in pristine condition.