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Symptoms of Dry Air in Your Home and How to Fix It

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Many people in Canada are very uncomfortable through the winter and are unaware that the dry air in their homes is a major contributor. The good news is that they can fix that dry air quite simply. If you tend to get uncomfortable in the winter, you owe it to yourself to check out these signs of dry air and how you can fix them.

Signs Your Home is too Dry

You’ll see signs of dry air in your own health and in your home. Here are the symptoms you should look out for:

  • Static electricity: When there is less moisture in the air, you’ll experience more frequent static shocks from fabrics, hairbrushes, and other surfaces in your home.
  • Dry lips, eyes, throat, nose: Dry air will suck moisture out of your mucous membranes, like your eyes and mouth. This can make you very uncomfortable. Chapstick and water may work temporarily, but your dry home will keep drawing moisture out of you.
  • Dry skin and hair: You may also find that your skin and hair get quite dry during the winter. Dry skin can be uncomfortable, and moisturizers may not do enough to help. Dry hair is also more vulnerable to damage.
  • Dried, cracked, or warped wood: Your home will draw moisture out of wood too, which can permanently damage it by cracking or warping it. If your wood is covered with paint, you may notice the paint cracking.
  • Nosebleeds: Dry sinuses can lead to frequent winter nosebleeds.
  • Breathing troubles: Those who have lung and breathing conditions, anything from mild asthma to severe Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), may find it harder to manage their symptoms in dry air.

If you are experiencing symptoms of dry air, a whole-home humidifier may be the answer! To learn more about how you improve the air quality in your home, contact your local ClimateCare expert today.

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How to Fix Dry Air in Your Home

The best way to resolve your dry air troubles for good is to install a whole-home humidifier to your furnace. While your furnace heats your home, the humidifier will restore the moisture levels in the air. Your furnace will spread the moist air throughout your home.

There are a few different kinds of whole-home humidifiers, which come at different price points and can add more or less moisture to the air. We can help you choose the right one for you.

If you choose to install a whole-home humidifier, you’ll reduce symptoms of dry air. Plusair that is properly humidified holds more heat, making your furnace more efficient and your home more consistently comfortable, sometimes even at lower temperature, saving you energy.

You can get a more comfortable home all through winter with a whole-home humidifier. Reach out to your local ClimateCare to discuss the different types of humidifier models and which one would be best for your home.