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How To Choose a New Furnace According to HVAC Experts

How to choose a new furnace

When it comes to upgrading equipment of any type, we wouldn’t blame you if you are not looking forward to it at all! First there’s pain tax. Nobody likes to spend money they hadn’t planned for. And, secondly, who even knows what the HVAC people are talking about when it comes to the furnace?

Well, we do! And since we have a resident superhero at ClimateCare, we called in Captain Comfort to teach you exactly what you need to know to identify the type of furnace that might be right for you. 

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Allow us to decode the basics, so you know what your furnace professional is offering 

Let’s decipher the technical talk. If you are planning on investing in an HVAC system, it’s important you understand the basics to help with your decision-making. 

The first question that will likely come up is ‘What type of furnace do you need?’  

To answer it, you have 3 options. 

  1. A single-stage furnace
  2. A two-stage furnace 
  3. A modulating furnace  

What is a single-stage furnace?

  • A single-stage furnace has 2 settings – on and off
  • If the thermostat calls for heat then the furnace will run at full blast until it hits that temperature inside your home
  • The temperature swing can often be between 1 and 3 degrees

The primary benefit of a single stage furnace is cost. These will be the cheapest of your options. On the down side, single-stage furnaces aren’t great for maintaining comfort. 

 Need help with buying a furnace? Give your local ClimateCare a call to see how our HVAC experts can help you identify the furnace that is just right for you.

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What is a two-stage furnace? 

  • Two stage furnaces have less variance in temperature as they run with a longer, lower heating cycle 
  • When it gets really cold they can ramp up to high heat and get the job done
  • When it is only moderately cold they produce just the right amount of heat to keep you comfortable

A two stage furnace offers the best balance between cost and value. 

What is a Modulating furnace?  

  • These furnaces are the most comfortable of your options
  • They provide virtually unlimited stages of heating
  • Airflow runs continuously and heat is added as needed to keep the temperature in your home very precise across all rooms

Modulating furnaces offer you the benefit of long-term efficiency and the ultimate comfort. Bear in mind however that modulating furnaces can be expensive. That said, if you plan for the long term, they are worth evaluating. 

Which type of furnace is right for you?  

If you’re looking for something more affordable, or if you’re in the market for a short-term solution, then a single-stage furnace may be all you need.   

If you plan on being in your current home for longer and value your comfort, consider a two-stage or modulating. This may be particularly relevant to you if you have a remote working role which means you or your family spend a lot of time at home. 

For many people, the right balance between comfort and cost is a two-stage furnace.  

Get the Expert Advice You Need Today!

As with all technical upgrades and replacements, don’t hesitate to call in an expert to support you. Heating and cooling is an essential service! We should all have access to home comfort year-round, and ClimateCare is here to help.  

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