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How to Clean A Heat Pump

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are great appliances that help make heating and cooling your home much more efficient. However, if they are not cleaned and maintained regularly, they slowly lose their efficiency. Eventually, they may begin to develop problems due to the build-up of shrubs and debris. 

So, you need to clean out your heat pump filter every 90 days, depending on how much it’s being used. Here’s how you can spring clean your heat pump by yourself. 

Step-by-Step How to Clean a Heat Pump 

Both the indoor and outdoor units of your heat pump need to be cleaned. Starting with the outdoor unit, follow the step by step instructions below. 

  • Turn it off: For your protection, the heat pump must be off. To do so turn off the breaker that supplies electricity to the unit.
  • Clear the area: Make sure you trim back any plants or shrubs at least 30cm /12 inches away from the unit. Remove all leaves and loose debris around the unit that could be pulled into unit.
  • Wash the unitWith your garden hose on a fan spray setting, wash the entire unit down paying extra attention to the grille area. Change your spray setting to solid stream and point the flow through the top grille and rinse the inside coil until it is completely free of dust and dirt.
  • Wax it: It doesn’t hurt to use common car wax to wipe down and polish the unit to protect it from the elements.
  • Allow to dryAfter you have washed down the unit let it dry for 5 to 6 hours.
  • Check Air FiltersNow, its time to go inside and check on the cleanliness of the air filters located in the indoor blower section. If its dirty, you can clean it with a vacuum, or if it’s a little worse for wear, replace it! 

Don’t forget to turn the heat pump back on when you’re done! 

If you found that your heat pump wasn’t very dirty, you can let it go a few weeks longer between cleanings. However, if it was dirtier than you expected, you may want to clean it more regularly.

Heat Pump Installation

When to Deep Clean Your Heat Pump 

Manufacturers advise that you should have a professional tune up on the other components of the heat pump on a regular basis, ideally twice a year in spring and fall. You want your heat pump to be performing at peak efficiency when the weather is most extreme in winter and summer to avoid untimely failures. Youre also making sure that the unit is operating at its peak performance and efficiency. 

A professional will be able to clean the most delicate components such as the coils and investigate for any potential problems. It’s always better to catch small issues before they start to impact the performance of your heat pump and become major repairs, especially if they are still under warranty.

Need a professional’s help giving your heat pump a clean? Reach out to the ClimateCare Location closest to you today.