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HVAC Industry Trends for 2024



The HVAC industry continues to grow, with more people working in the industry and more demand for their services. As the industry continues to grow, consumers want new things from their HVAC systems and manufacturers and technicians are supplying them. Here is where we see the industry headed for 2024, and what we think consumers will be focusing on. 

Focus on Air Quality 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are concerned with the transmission of disease than before. Many are looking to target the bacteria, mold, viruses, allergens, dust and other contaminants in their air. This is as true in the residential and commercial sectors. Both will need knowledgeable HVAC technicians to walk them through their options to get the air quality that they want. Few home and business owners understand what HEPA is, what it does, or what other air purification options are out there.  

Humidity Matters 

With the focus on air quality comes a natural focus on humidity as well as air contaminants. Many homeowners are realizing that the humidity level in their homes impacts their quality of life and comfort substantially. Proper humidity levels in the winter can even impact the efficiency of the heating system. Customers are looking for system-wide humidity solutions that can consistently manage their humidity levels in the whole house without much input, as opposed to small humidifiers that are meant to add moisture to the air in a single room.  

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Smart Systems 

Of course, smart systems will continue to be a huge trend in the HVAC industry. It is easy to see why, when smart technology enables people to have so much effortless control over their HVAC systems. Smart technology can empower homeowners to make better energy choices and save money. They can also alert homeowners to potential problems and inefficiencies in the HVAC system and remind them of maintenance appointments. Overall, smart systems help homeowners have more reliable and efficient heating, cooling, ventilation, and purification. 

Unusual Heating Options 

For a long time, the furnace has reigned as the most popular heating option. Certainly, it is not going anywhere. However, homeowners are increasingly aware of new heating options. Some of the heating systems that we predict will grow in popularity in 2022 include: 

  • Radiant heating: Whether in flooring or in the walls, radiant heating is a luxurious option that saves homeowners from having to install ducting through their homes. 
  • Mini-splits: These systems also do not require ducting and are highly efficient. 
  • Geothermal: You can heat and cool your home with geothermal, which taps into the consistent temperatures in the soil, and brings that up to your house. Geothermal heating typically has to be supplemented with a furnace. 

Zone Heating 

You can achieve zone heating with various heating systems. The basic principle is that you don’t have to heat your whole home, just the zone that you’re using. We predict this kind of heating will see even more popularity in 2024. 

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