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Best Heating Systems for Your Ontario Cottage

Best Heating Systems for Your Ontario Cottage

Cottaging in Ontario can be joyful, even in our coldest months, as long as you have a reliable and efficient heating system. There are many cabin heating solutions out there, but what is the best way to heat your specific cabin? It depends on what fuel you have available, how much time you spend in your cabin, and your personal preferences. We’ll walk you through the popular cottage heating systems in Canada and what you should know about each to gauge if it is right for you.

1. Propane Cabin Heaters

For those whose cabin is truly off-grid, propane heating may be the best option. You won’t rely on electricity or gas hook-ups and won’t use up a ton of fuel on short trips up to the cottage. Propane systems are also typically safe to turn off for extended periods in the winter, so they are excellent options for those who make only a handful of trips to the cottage in the colder months.

2. Small Gas Furnaces

Small gas furnaces are great options for those whose cottages have natural gas hook-ups. In Ontario, currently gas is typically cheaper than electricity and that means you can save a bit of money heating your cottage. Plus, in cottage country, electricity tends to be unreliable in winter, but the gas supply is constant.

When choosing a gas furnace, the most important factors are selecting the right size for your cottage and that you have an energy efficiency rating that you’re happy with. There are many gas furnaces that can achieve 98% AFUE, which means they turn 98% of their fuel directly into heat, an impressive amount for an appliance that needs to vent fumes.

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3. Wood-Burning Heating

You can choose wood-burning fireplaces or stoves for your cottage heating needs. Wood-burning has the benefit that you don’t need to rely on outside power to heat the cottage. However, you do have to plan out your wood supply carefully and keep your fireplace or stove in good condition to ensure it will work well and ventilate properly. If you’ll be up at the cottage frequently, chances are you will find wood heating to be a bit too inconvenient.

4. Electric Heating Options

Is your cottage in an area with reliable electricity? In that case, electric furnaces or air source heat pumps may be the best option for you. Of course, electrical heating is automatic and among the most convenient. The usual drawbacks, that electricity can be more costly than gas, are somewhat mitigated by the fact that you won’t be running your furnace in your cottage as often as the one in your home. Still, if you have electrical in your cottage, a backup heating option is a good idea.

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