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How to Get That Dreaded Summer Humidity Under Control

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If there’s one thing we can guarantee about an Ontario spring and summer, it’s that they are humid as heck. It’s the home invader you can’t see. But boy, can you feel it.

This can make life quite uncomfortable. So let’s get a jumpstart NOW and learn what you can do to combat summer humidity!

What’s Wrong With High Humidity in the Home?

The chart below graphically shows all the unwanted things that can thrive in your home when the humidity level is too high or even too low. Humidity levels contribute to our personal health as well as the health of our homes and furnishings.

According to experts in the air quality field, during the summer, we want to aim for 45-55% relative humidity in our homes. If the humidity is higher than that, we need to set our air conditioner at a lower temperature to combat that humidity. That is a lot of extra work for your cooling system.

The Sterling Chart for relative humidity

What Can You Do to Combat Higher Summer Humidity Levels?


While these need to be emptied regularly and can be costly to run, it is an extremely effective stop-gap measure to control humidity. It allows you to keep your temperature a bit higher, which saves on the overall energy cost of your AC.


A whole-home dehumidifier automatically senses the humidity levels in your home and regulates the moisture levels as required. Pollutants in the air are removed or diluted as a result of fresh air ventilation. It works together with your entire home comfort system, or on its own to reduce the load on your home air conditioner, making the whole system more effective and efficient. A whole-home dehumidifier is four times more efficient than a portable, stand-alone dehumidifier. If you think one might be right for you, check out our complete guide on whole-home humidifiers.

Of course, the first line of defence against humidity is your AC. During the hot summer months, your AC is your family’s best friend. So look after it.

Here Are Some Signs Your AC Unit Needs Some Extra TLC

  • If water is collecting in the pan of the AC, it’s usually a sign of humidity – making it time to call in your ClimateCare expert! A professional can come in and tell you if your AC is doing enough to control moisture.
  • If your unit seems extra noisy.
  • If there are some strange odours.
  • If you’re feeling warm air instead of cool air, or it takes too long for cool air to kick in.
  • If you’re feeling uneven airflow (one room is cooler or warmer than the others).

Speak to an Expert About Your Home Humidity Problems Today

To put it frankly, annual maintenance matters! Regular HVAC maintenance is highly recommended to help avoid breakdowns and ensure a comfortable living space with optimal humidity. Contact us to book your AC Precision Tune-up and hear about our exciting spring offers and specials.

You can also download our free guide, A Home Comfort Overhaul for a New Normal. It’s full of DIY tips and advice from our experts.

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