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Why is my Gas Furnace Leaking Water

Why Is My Gas Furnace Leaking Water? You May Have Clogged Drains or Tubing

High efficiency gas furnaces produce condensation as a normal part of their operation. What’s not normal is for water to be leaking out of the furnace. All furnaces have a drain pipe taking excess water to a floor drain or outside. If you see that your gas furnace is leaking water, it could be any of the following:

  • Clogged floor drain
  • Clogged condensation tubing
  • Incorrectly sized exhaust pipe
  • Faulty secondary heat exchanger
  • Furnace humidifier problems

Gas furnaceWhile a drainage clog is usually not too difficult to fix, it should be taken care of before it causes property damage. Problems with a heat exchanger are more serious and may mean complicated and pricey repairs. If you have a flow-through humidifier attached to your furnace, it could be the source of the leak. If so, it needs immediate attention. Service technicians from your local ClimateCare member are qualified to diagnose and repair any problems with your heating and cooling system.

Gas Furnace Maintenance Prevents Problems

With a WeCare Protection or Maintenance Plan, furnace problems like water leaks are unlikely to ever get started. Regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent most problems before they occur and begin causing serious damage to working equipment parts. In addition, proper maintenance adds years to the life of your system.

With a WeCare Protection Plus Plan from ClimateCare you don’t have to worry about scheduling annual maintenance, upcharges for after hours service or extra fees for parts and labour. ClimateCare members make your home’s heating and cooling their priority so you don’t have to worry. You’ll get a full system inspection with every Precision Tune-Up. If your furnace or other equipment ever stops working, ClimateCare will send someone out promptly, even on nights or weekends.

Get the ClimateCare Advantage

Your local ClimateCare member is the place to turn for all service and repair needs, regardless of your furnace or air conditioner make or model. As a locally owned business, referrals and relationships built with satisfied customers is a top priority. If your gas furnace is leaking water, call your local ClimateCare member to fix it. Then get a quote on a WeCare Protection or Maintenance Plan so you can enjoy home comfort peace of mind.