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Why Does My Furnace Make a Loud Noise

Frustrated? Asking Yourself, “Why Does My Furnace Make a Loud Noise?” Get an Inspection Today!

furnace noiseAre loud furnace noises keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep? If so, it’s time for an inspection from ClimateCare to have them identify the exact source of the problem. Ignoring furnace noises could lead to damaged parts and the possibility of a new furnace purchase. Catching the problem in time often means simple maintenance and cleaning will fix it. Your local independent contractor – part of the Ontario-wide ClimateCare network – has professional technicians ready to diagnose and repair any problems with your heating and cooling system.

The Common Causes of Furnace Noise

If banging noises happen when your furnace turns on, it may be caused by dirty burners. This delays ignition; gas builds up before the burners ignite. You’re hearing a small explosion of excess gas. If that sounds a little scary, it is. Ignoring this problem can lead to a cracked heat exchanger or worse. Once the heat exchanger goes, you’ll be buying a new furnace.

If banging noises happen away from the furnace, you may be hearing expanding and contracting air ducts. Different parts of the air ducts pop in or out as air is blown and sucked through them. Though this problem is less serious, it still needs attention. Your air filter may be so clogged that it is not working correctly or the ducts may be undersized for the system. Sometimes, closed vents cause expansion and contraction. Whatever it is, your system is not operating efficiently, and that costs you money.

Problem Prevention with WeCare Protection and Maintenance Plans

Furnace filterA WeCare Protection or Maintenance Plan is one of the best ways to keep problems like loud furnace noises from ever starting. With all annual maintenance chores taken care of by certified technicians, your HVAC system gets the proper care at the right time. Most problems are taken care of before they ever start. If there is a problem, you get prioritized service at no extra charge, even after hours.

The ClimateCare Advantage is YOUR Advantage!

With highly qualified, expert technicians to provide the best products and service possible for home heating and cooling needs, your ClimateCare member is the place to turn for all maintenance and repair needs. And, if you ever have loud furnace noises, call or email your local ClimateCare member; you’ll sleep better at night!