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What Causes Low Cooling Output In A Geothermal Heat Pump?

A heat pump can fail to cool for several reasons, including a low refrigerant charge, a faulty compressor, or a clogged air filter. To get to the root of the […]

Banish Indoor Air Pollution: Your Guide to Common Contaminants

Indoor air pollution is a significant concern that often goes unnoticed. The air inside our homes can be more polluted than the air outside, posing potential health risks to ourselves […]

Do Geothermal Heat Pumps Work Efficiently in Cold Climates?

Geothermal heat pumps are an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly option for heating and cooling your home. However, many people believe these systems don’t perform well in colder climates—which simply isn’t […]

Common Indoor Air Pollutants: 5 Chemicals That Could be in Your Home

Our efficient, airtight homes have led to a slowing of the exchange of air from indoors to out, and because of this, the EPA estimates that indoor air can be […]

Maximizing Geothermal Heat Pump Efficiency: Your Questions Answered

If you’re considering a geothermal heat pump for your home, you may be wondering about the benefits of the system as well as any potential problems you might encounter. These […]

Changes to Canada Greener Homes Grant Program

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and Enbridge Gas recently announced that effective January 1, 2023, they have teamed up to deliver the Canada Greener Homes Grant (GHG) to all eligible Ontarians […]

Is a Smart Thermostat Right For You? (Infographic)

The smart thermostat revolution is in full effect at ClimateCare. In fact, it’s predicted the smart thermostat industry will be worth $4.4 billion (USD) by 2025 (Source: SmartHomeSolver.com). More and […]

Buying a New Furnace? Here’s What You Should Know

If you’re in the market for a new furnace, doing your research can help you make the best possible purchase for your home. While choosing the right furnace provides you […]

Essential Gas Fireplace Safety Tips

Gas fireplaces provide homes with a beautiful ambiance, and the comfort of their warmth is simply unmatched in the dead of winter. With the flip of a switch, gas fireplaces […]

A Complete Guide to Modulating Furnaces

Are you often too hot or too cold at home? Several factors influence a home’s indoor temperature, such as outdoor air temperature, humidity, and sunlight exposure. The truth is that […]