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What is ClimateCare Navigator?

Navigator is a three-phased program for Enterprise and Strategic members to help navigate business transitions and succession planning.

Whether your goal is a seamless internal transition next year, five years from now, or twenty, our Navigator program will help you maximize the valuation and exit strategy for your business.

Navigator helps our members get “succession-ready” regardless of how far in the future that is. It includes best business practices that will help you maximize the value of your business tomorrow and help you run your business more efficiently today.

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What are the three phases of the Navigator program?

Learn more about the 3 phases of the ClimateCare Navigator Program by clicking on the phases below.

Phase 1: Analysis


An extensive (and insightful) evaluation of your company’s strengths, opportunities, gaps, and weaknesses.


A rigorous review of company financials to identify the current market value of the business. The operations of the business are benchmarked using ClimateCare’s Critical Performance Measures. A gap analysis is then done to uncover what steps need to be taken to achieve the long-term plan of the owner.


The initial valuation is done in a 3–4-hour meeting that reviews the company’s P&L and Balance Sheet to determine an adjusted EBITDA.

Analysis Examples:

Board members put their companies through the Analysis process to help us provide you with examples of how member companies would be valued and what steps can be taken to increase the value of their businesses in a time frame that matches their plans.

The Expression of Value is based on a Fair Market Value defined as the highest price, expressed in terms of cash equivalents at which the company’s Shares would change between a qualified buyer and an able seller. This would involve an arms-length transaction in an unrestricted market when neither the seller nor the buyer is under compulsion to buy or sell. It is understood that both have reasonable knowledge of the business and completed their due diligence.

Our valuation is based on a multiple of EBITDA which is the common valuation used to value HVAC and related contractors.

Phase II: Blueprint


The Blueprint phase is customized for each owner, depending on your personal goals and timeline. You’ll be paired with a Navigator staff member who will act as your accountability partner, providing you with the specific training and resources your company needs to run more efficiently and maximize your value.

What are some examples of the training and resources members can expect?

Members will have full access to ClimateCare’s regular suite of weekly training calls as well as weekly one-on-one coaching; facilitated quarterly planning sessions; annual planning session. For a fee, the co-op will also make available third-party training to help members achieve their Navigator goals. Members can use their ClimateCare Reward dollars to pay for these sessions.

Phase 1 – Analysis – $1500

Phase 2 – Blueprint – full day sessions $2000, 45 – 60 minute sessions $200

Areas of Training and Support

Guide to Two-Stage Furnaces
  • EOS implementation – CCHO staff will assist members in Blueprint with implementing EOS in their business with regular coaching and facilitation of Quarterly and Annual Planning Sessions
  • Targeted CPM coaching
  • Focused on helping members achieve the targeted revenue mix
  • 65% Installations, 25% Demand Service, 10% WeCARE MMR
  • At Target 55% Overall GM
  • 50% GM for Installations, 65% GM for Demand Service, 60% for WeCARE Maintenance
  • With the goal of achieving 15% – 20% EBITDA
  • Leadership and Management training

Phase III: Succession-Ready

With your Blueprint in hand, your business will be ready for you to make a transition based on your terms. That may be taking a step back and allowing others to run the day-to-day operations, changing your role within your business so you can work less, or exiting entirely. Regardless of your path, Navigator will connect you to a network of external experts to help. If your goal is to sell, ClimateCare will explore purchasing your business in part or in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

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