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Are Propane and Natural Gas Environmentally Friendly?

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Depending on where you live, you don’t always have a choice between natural gas and propane. However, when you do have a choice, it’s important to look at the environmental impact of each type of fuel and annual fuel costs before choosing.

Are propane and natural gas environmentally friendly? Well, both fuels are considered low emissions fuels.

While they share similarities, propane is heavier and more energy efficient while natural gas is more cost effective.

Other Considerations

Like many things in life, there’s no clear-cut answer when choosing between propane and natural gas. Both gases offer both advantages and disadvantages. Things to consider include:


If a leak occurs, natural gas is considered slightly safer than propane. This is because natural gas is lighter and therefore dissipates into the atmosphere faster. Having said this, both gases are considered relatively safe.


Since propane delivers more British Thermal Units (BTUs) than natural gas, it is considered more efficient. This means that in an hour, propane burns a smaller volume than natural gas.


Natural gas delivers a lower annual operating cost over propane. Usually propane appliances would be considered where natural gas is not available, or where getting natural gas to the home is an expensive proposition. Hybrid propane and natural gas systems that work in conjunction with an electric heat pump are also gaining in popularity given their efficiency and low operating cost advantages.

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Environmental Impact

Propane and natural gas are both relatively environmentally friendly. Although natural gas is considered a greenhouse gas, it burns cleanly and therefore leaves a reduced carbon footprint. Propane is an environmentally friendly fuel both before and after combustion and therefore does not leave a detrimental impact on the environment.

Give the team at ClimateCare a call if you have any questions about the benefits of using propane or natural gas for your home. And, ask us about the many benefits of a hybrid system.

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