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Is It Time for a Smart Thermostat?

Why buy a smart thermostat? And how does the Ecobee work?  It’s time you found out what all the fuss is about, and how much money smart thermostats can save you. Ecobee —the manufacturer of several smart thermostats— has conducted research to show that their thermostats can reduce your energy usage by up to 26 percent. That’s significant savings on your energy bill.

Smart Thermostat

How Does the Ecobee Work?

Just how do Ecobee smart thermostats save you money? The thermostat is like an advanced version of a programmable thermostat. You tell it what temperature you want your home to be. Then, it finds ways to save you energy.

For example, while you’re at work, the Ecobee will turn your home’s temperature down so that you use less energy. Before you arrive back home, it will turn your furnace back on so that you’ll be comfortable the moment you walk in the door. That’s how Ecobee saves you money —by turning down your furnace (or turning your air conditioner off) when you’re not around.

Bluetooth Technology

For even more advanced decision making, the Ecobee uses Bluetooth technology. If you leave home, even when you didn’t tell the thermostat you’ll be at work, it lowers your home’s temperature. It uses the same technology to realize when you’re headed home early. If you come home sick from work, the Ecobee will make sure your home is the right temperature.

WiFi Enabled

The Ecobee can make independent decisions, but it doesn’t have to. It’s WiFi enabled and connected to an app so that you can override its decisions from wherever you are. Use your phone to tell the Ecobee you’d like to be warmer, without even getting up from your seat. Or, set the Ecobee to vacation mode from the app, so it will turn off your HVAC appliances while you’re gone.

If you happen to be standing next to the Ecobee when you want to adjust the temperature, or if you just don’t like using the app, the Ecobee has touch screen controls that are intuitive to use. The simple screen can even be used by those who aren’t confident or clear about how the latest technology works.

Smart thermostat

Get A Smart Thermostat from ClimateCare

Now that you know how the Ecobee works, you might decide you need one for yourself. Reach out to us at ClimateCare to get one installed in your home.