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5 Ways to Cool Down a Room Without Windows

Portable Air Conditioning System

If your home has a room without windows, chances are it gets pretty stuffy and warm. It can be hard to know how to air condition a room without windows. However, there are room cooling solutions you can use to keep comfortable even in the heat of the summer. Here are five ways for cooling down a room without windows.

1. Use a Ventless Air Conditioner Without Windows

Ventless air conditioners are portable ACs for rooms without windows. They are similar to standing fans with far more cooling power. With the use of a tank holding water or ice, the system creates cold mist it releases into the air. This is an efficient, simple way for cooling down a room without windows.

2. Install a ‘Through the Wall’ Air Conditioner for Garages with No Windows

If you use your garage as a man cave, a hobby room, or to work on your vehicles, it can get dangerously hot in the summer. These ACs work the same as a window air conditioner, but are installed in the wall. They are great for garages, but can also be used in other rooms as long as they have an exterior wall. Unlike window air conditioners they are permanent, so keep that in mind when considering this option.

3. Create Your Own AC Unit with a Floor Fan

This is an obvious and affordable solution for cooling a room without windows. In fact, you can create an air conditioner for basements without windows, or other rooms in the house, by adding your own cooling element. By placing a large bowl of ice in front of the fan it can function like a ventless air conditioner.  

You’ll feel instant relief as the fan circulates the cool air coming from the bowl of ice into the room. It’s kind of precarious, so be sure your setup is stable to reduce the chance of the bowl getting knocked over. 

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4. How to Vent a room with no Windows using a Portable AC Unit

Portable air conditioners are an excellent cooling solution for rooms without windows or an exterior wall to install an AC unit. Although most are designed with a hose that takes the warm air outside through a window, you can adapt the hose, so it sends the heat elsewhere. You can either find an escape through the ceiling or a wall leading into a room with a window. Although it is a bit cumbersome to make this work, it is a good solution if you are running out of options.

5. Install a Ductless Air Conditioner

A ductless air conditioner is by far the simplest, most effective solution. It does not use a window or ducts to cool the room. Instead, they offer the same cooling as a traditional ducted system, using an internal and external unit. The two units are connected by refrigerant tubing and wires through a small three-inch hole. A ductless “mini-split system” can deliver both heated and cooled air directly to any space, with the indoor units each having their own controller. They are ideal for rooms without windows or where your HVAC ducts don’t reach. They are also very energy efficient as you only turn them on when the room is in use. 

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