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When to Get Duct Cleaning for Your Home

duct cleaningMost homeowners have no idea how often to get their air ducts cleaned.

  • Get your ducts inspected every 3-5 years. If cleaning is required, the service technician will advise you.
  • Book in the spring.
  • Cleaning will take between 2 and 3 hours.
  • The cost depends on the size of your home.

Air duct cleaning is best done in the spring. It’s a great way to ensure you and your family don’t breathe in microscopic dust, mould and even mouse droppings.

But don’t try to do it yourself. It’s a tough job even when you have the specialized equipment we do. Leave it to a licensed professional like your local ClimateCare retailer.

A lot can happen to your air ducts between cleanings.

Get rid of unwanted guests.

Sometimes pests and insects find comfortable homes in your air ducts – comfortable for them, not so comfortable for your family.

Mouse droppings are toxic, and turn up in most ducts we inspect.

You probably won’t know anything is hiding out in the air ducts until you have a professional inspection.

We’ll clear out any accumulated dust and mould from your air ducts so your family isn’t breathing in the microscopic spores. These could be the cause of that nagging cough or persistent headaches your kids complain about.

home duct cleaningAllergies and asthma.

If you are an allergy or asthma sufferer, spring can be uncomfortable. The outdoors are coming back to life, and only seems to want to make things hard for you.

These outdoor irritants sneak indoors and lodge in your ductwork, so you keep suffering weeks after your outdoor problems end. Our team of professionals will do a thorough inspection and cleaning job to remove all particles agitating your allergies or asthma.

Don’t forget about the improved efficiency.

Your HVAC system is an investment.

Regular air duct cleaning helps ensure your HVAC system stays in good shape all year long.

Clean air ducts contribute to small but noticeable savings on your energy bills and reduce the amount of debris flowing back to your furnace air filter, extending the working life of the air filter.

Your local ClimateCare pro can evaluate your air ducts today.

You can’t always control what comes into your air ducts in the winter, but you can easily get rid of it once it’s there.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you breathe fresher, safer, and healthier air, give us a call to book your duct inspection today

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