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Your HVAC Stopped Working? 9/10 Times Rebooting Your HVAC System Will Solve Your Problem

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As the cooler weather approaches here in Ontario (and we all know it’s ever present in Canada!), everyone starts running their HVAC systems again. But here’s the thing about all machines! Air conditioners and heating included! They don’t always work when you need them to; especially after a long break. 🙀 

They can usually be repaired with ease by professionals, but it’s not fun waiting for your heat to be fixed when the weather gets truly unpleasant! With the shortages in parts, specialist labour, and slow shipping speeds, we always suggest a proactive approach to your heating and cooling comfort! Get ahead of HVAC problems, and your HVAC systems will always be your friends. ❤️  

So, if your heating system isn’t working as it should, after a few weeks or months of being off, there are a few things you can do yourself before you put out a superhero signal, so that Captain Comfort can send one of our home comfort advisors to your rescue. 💪  

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Here Are The Most Common Reasons Your Heating (Or Cooling) ie: Your HVAC Isn’t Working:  

  1. You need to change your dirty filter: If you can’t remember the last time you changed or cleaned your filter, then it’s probably way overdue. Filters get dirty, and with time they get so clogged with dust and gunk that they restrict airflow to your HVAC system and (surprise surprise) cause it to function less than optimally. (Don’t worry, you are not alone if this is you. We once had a contest for Ontario’s dirtiest filter; with winners!)  
  2. You need to check your thermostat: Sometimes there’s really nothing wrong with your system, and the only problem is that your thermostat is not set to where you want it because your batteries are dead! When a system fails you, always check any batteries that are associated with it before you spend the money to call in HVAC professionals.  
  3. You´ve got a tripped circuit breaker: Check if your breakers have tripped, check to see if it is one that connects to your HVAC system. Breakers often trip because a circuit is overloaded. Sometimes all you need to do is shut off the equipment and that might help with the problem. But If it keeps tripping, call an HVAC professional to diagnose the issue.  

3 Steps To Resetting An HVAC System  

  1. Start with a digital reboot first: With many thermostats, all you need to do is put the batteries in backward for a few seconds to reset your unit. Yup! Traditional wisdom generally works! If that doesn’t work, move to step 2. 
  2. Power down your heating/cooling device: Start at your circuit breaker panel and flip the breaker that powers your HVAC. Leave it off for some time, and then as your system requires, turn it back on. If that doesn’t work either, move to physical checks, and step 3 👇 
  3. Check wires and surroundings: After the summer there are many things that can be causing physical damage to your systems. Creatures damaging your wires. The growth that hasn’t been cut down below your AC or vents can be hampering airflow. Adding a few items to your fall essentials checklist can go a long way in saving you the dollars it may cost to call in a specialist when it’s not needed.  

If none of this works, perhaps it IS TIME to call a professional. We have home comfort specialists across Ontario. Find one that’s closest to you and they will help you as soon as possible.   

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Remember: Most HVAC problems are preventable. Hire an HVAC professional to analyze your system on a regular basis, they should identify problems before they become an emergency.