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13 More Ways to Cool Down Your Home This Summer

If your family is like so many others across Ontario, cutting back on energy use (and those horrendous monthly bills that come from running the air conditioner constantly) is a […]

17 Ways to Cool Down Your Home This Summer

It’s hot out there and sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, you can’t escape the stickiness of it. Many families across Ontario want to reduce their reliance […]

Avoid AC Scams

How to avoid getting scammed by an AC scammer Scam artists come in all shapes and sizes. ClimateCare customers across Ontario receive door to door visits from people claiming to […]

What Overheating Does to Your Body

Our bodies are constantly engaged in a temperature balancing act. If the temperature inside your body drops about 10 degrees, you’re in trouble. But you only have about 3 degrees […]

How to Keep Your AC Healthy Between Service Visits

How to Keep Your AC Healthy Between Service Visits Seasonal air conditioner maintenance is the most important factor in extending the lifespan and maintaining the efficiency of your central air […]

Why Customer Come Back to ClimateCare Again and Again

At ClimateCare, we truly care about the difference we make in our customers’ daily lives by giving them quality products and services. Our team of professionals across Ontario play a […]

The World’s 10 Biggest Geothermal Energy Plants

There are geothermal power plants all over the world, but a group of ten stand out as seriously powerful producers. Read on to learn of the largest geothermal energy plants […]

What maintenance can I perform myself on my air conditioner?

The HVAC unit in your home is a vital piece of equipment that you depend upon throughout the year to stay warm or cool.  Without proper AC maintenance, your HVAC […]

What we look at when we assess the condition of your air conditioner

At first glance, it may look bleak: you know you’re going to need either an AC repair or a new air conditioner. But you’re no air conditioning expert, and you […]

Why Do Air Conditioners Freeze

Why do Air Conditioners Freeze? Get Immediate Attention if They Freeze Up If it’s the middle of summer and your air conditioner freezes up with its coils covered in ice, […]