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Is a Smart Thermostat Right For You? (Infographic)

The smart thermostat revolution is in full effect at ClimateCare.

In fact, it’s predicted the smart thermostat element of the home heating system industry will be a $4.4 billion (USD) industry by 2025 (Source: SmartHomeSolver.com).

More and more homeowners are choosing to upgrade to smart thermostats (or asking they be installed into any new home construction project).

Are you thinking of getting a new thermostat for your home?

Got questions about things like:

  • Installation?
  • Pricing?
  • Usage?
  • Energy savings?
  • Compatibility?

You’re not alone. Many people are wondering if a smart thermostat is right for them.

Find the answers in our latest infographic.Smart thermostat infographic

Learn more about smart thermostats from ClimateCare

ClimateCare is a proud provider of ecobee Smart Thermostats to homes and businesses throughout Ontario.

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